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The customer has a 30-day guarantee from delivery to return the product in the event of a factory defect. For any other claim (such as an order that has not been delivered), we cover a maximum of 120 days from the placing of the order. If a claim occurs after these 120 days, the payment of a possible refund will be reduced to only 50% for the management, time and shipping costs incurred.

In the same way, if a shipment has been capable of unsuccessful delivery because the customer is not at the address provided or because the address does not exist or is incorrect, and the customer himself has not gone personally to the office of the company of delivery to find your order in the 15 days after the failed delivery, the payment of a possible refund will be reduced only to 50% for the management, time and shipping costs.


The customer may freely withdraw from the purchase contract with us within a maximum period of 14 days after receipt of the order as long as the product is unopened and unused. In this case, we will be obliged to make a full refund of the product within 30 days.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that we are not rigid and inflexible with purchase dates. If you want to return the product you have bought after the deadline, contact us and we will find the best solution for everyone.

Some of our products are exempt from being returned; such as sanitary or beauty articles.

To complete your withdrawal, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. It is enough for us that you give us information about your order (its number or the name with which you made the purchase).

Full or partial refunds

If your product is still in the warranty period and has stopped working due to a factory defect, we can offer you 4 different solutions:

  1. A full refund once you return the product to us in its original packaging. The process can take up to 30 days since we have to receive your product in our local warehouse, analyze it to corroborate the defect and finally return it to the supplier, which can be found anywhere in the world.
  2. A partial refund without the need to return the product in case you think you can fix it yourself. For example, it can happen with an article of clothing that has a small defect. For this, we will need material proof that the product is defective (photographs or videos). In this case, we can offer you a partial refund of between 20 and 50% of the total value and you could also keep the product.
  3. Change your product for a new one. It is the third way. If you want the product but you have received it broken or defective, we can exchange it for a new one.
  4. If your order is not delivered within 60 days, you will have the full right to request a refund and we will pay it within a week.

Late or lost refunds

The refund period may vary depending on the product provider and the customer's bank. Normally the process does not take more than 10 days, but sometimes it can take up to 30 days. If you still have not received your refund in that period of time, contact us at

What is the product return process?

When you find yourself facing a product return situation, it is best that you contact us at explaining your case and we will quickly look for a personalized solution. We respond in less than 24 hours, so you can fully trust that you will receive focused attention on your case. You can also talk to us live via Facebook chat on our official page @bavalustore.Tell us what happened to you and we will find the best solution for you, do not hesitate.


If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so within 24 hours after making the payment. After that period of time, we will not be able to cancel your order because the shipment will already be processed. If your order has been sent before those 24 hours, you will not be able to request the cancellation of the shipment.Even so, you can receive your refund if you send it back to us when you receive your order. Once we receive and inspect it, we will refund you quickly.